About us

“Šiltos putos” is a successfully operating team providing heat-insulation and waterproofing services using polyurethane foam meeting the highest international quality standards throughout Lithuania and beyond.
We have been working and expanding our clientele since the beginning of our existence in 2008. The main engine of our team’s success is transparent and responsible activities ensured by professional and highly qualified employees.
Before starting work we give our customers free advice on choosing heat-insulation materials, we evaluate heat-insulation needs and the scope of work together, we provide detailed information about the features of polyurethane foam, technical specifications and warranties, we offer the most efficient and rational heat-insulation solutions that will be useful for saving energy and heat.
We do realise that in order to learn how to save energy for heating, we need to understand where this energy is lost. Independent public studies show at least 40 percent of the energy consumed by us is wasted on inefficient structural solutions and insulation of warm air. As heating gets more expensive by day, today we offer our customers to start saving by choosing tight heat-insulation materials.
The heat-insulation materials offered by us, their technical characteristics and physical properties enable the consumer to evaluate and to choose the most acceptable heat-insulation method.
Customers who choose our services are assured by us that we would carry out heat-insulation work in an efficient and high quality manner. The achieved result will enable to save heating costs, increase the housing value and durability of structures. Estimates have been made showing that heat-insulation of premises with polyurethane foam results in significant reduction of heating costs. It also has been estimated that heat-insulation pays off in less than 5 years. We offer our customers heat-insulation materials we buy only from reliable manufacturers meeting the requirements applicable to quality in Europe. Our only goal is reliable and high-quality heat-insulation solutions.
We issue a 20-year warranty in respect of our work and materials.

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We will come to you at a time convenient for you, we will give you comprehensive consultation, and we will give you a piece of advice on choosing heat-insulation materials. Fill in the form – your contact details and give a brief description of your project. Our professionals will contact YOU in the near future. Or call us on +37067231346

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